EVEN more chances to win!

The Winter Wonder Week has been extended! To celebrate we have a surprise giveaway tonight at 7PM ET. If you missed out on yesterday's MEGA Giveaway or want another chance at prizes, this is the time to win Coins and Memberships.

This year's Live Bingo also features many more prizes to win! By claiming your Live Bingo Card, you're immediately in the running for awesome prizes. Your Live Bingo Card is your ticket to win! Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 7PM ET for a chance to win:

  • Tablet
  • Airpods
  • GamePoint Goodie Bag

Of course there's also the fan-favorite Live Bingo game where we call out the numbers LIVE for your chance to win Coins and Memberships. If you haven't gotten your Live Bingo Card yet: Click here! Here's everything your need to know about Live Bingo in a neat little list:

  • Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking here
  • You can print your Live Bingo Card if you want, but your card will be automatically daubed as we call out the numbers live
  • Your card will be daubed even if you're offline
  • The day of the show is Wednesday, December 18th!

Claim your Free Live Bingo Card!

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Win amazing prizes!

Today's the biggest day of the year on GamePoint. At 7PM ET (+1 day, 00:00 UK) we're giving away hundreds of real prizes for a whole three hours. Yes, we're giving it all away for FREE. Want to win? Then all you need to do is be online, no matter what game or room. And then your name could be drawn for a fantastic prize!

Just to name a few of the prizes:

  • A smartwatch
  • A crockpot
  • Headphones
  • A smartphone
  • A laptop

Let us know what you would love to win by leaving a comment below. See you during the biggest giveaway of the year!

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Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card!

One of the best things about Winter Wonder Week is our famous show, the Live Bingo! You'll see some familiar faces from GamePoint go in front of live cameras as they play a live round of Bingo for you to win prizes. Here's what you need to know:

  • - Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking here
  • - You can print your Live Bingo Card if you want, but your card will be automatically daubed as we call out the numbers live
  • - Your card will be daubed even if you're offline
  • - The day of the show is Wednesday, December 18th!

And of course, there's also the MEGA Giveaway on Sunday December 15th at 7PM ET were you can win amazing prizes!

Claim your FREE Live Bingo card now!

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MEGA Giveaway!

The best is yet to come! This Sunday, December 15th starting 7PM ET will be the best giveaway of the year and YOU can win amazing prizes like:

  • A smartwatch
  • A crock pot
  • Headphones
  • A smartphone
  • A laptop

All you need to do is make sure you're online in your favorite game or room and keep an eye on the chat. We will make sure it's going to be a night to remember! Don't miss it.

Want to know more about what else is happening this Winter Wonder Week? Take a look at our special event page here.

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Events throughout Winter Wonder Week

Every day is an adventure during Winter Wonder Week at GamePoint. We have tons of events planned for you around the clock, so there’s always something to discover. Do you want to see us live or join one of our many in-game events across all games? Then make sure to be online at these times because we'll announce what's in store: 

  • Morning 7-9AM ET
  • Brunch 10AM-12PM ET
  • Afternoon 1-4PM ET
  • Evening 7-10PM ET
  • Late Night 2-4AM ET

Here's a taste of all the events available throughout the week:

  • Good Morning, GamePoint! – Our daily live news show for a short review of the previous day and sneak peeks of events to come.
  • Oh GamePoint Tree – We'll decorate a Christmas tree together and then YOU get to take the ornaments off for fantastic Candy and Coin prizes!
  • Quizzes in the chat for prizes!
  • Golden Ball in GamePoint Bingo
  • Extra SuperBingos
  • RoyalDice Tournaments
  • RoyalDice Goldfever - Golden Chests will appear more often
  • Easier RoyalDice Jackpots

… and much much more! What are you most excited about? We are looking forward to see you!

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Welcome to Candy Road!

This Winter Wonder Week, you're the star of your own adventure down the Candy Road! GamePoint will be giving you lots of sweet Candy to help you progress towards amazing rewards. Every game you play also helps you progress down the Candy Road. Naturally there's ways to get bigger amounts of Candy if you want, like playing in a higher stake Bingo room, throwing specific RoyalDice combinations and collecting your free Coins when your timer expires; just to name a few!

Our amazing team will also be hosting special events all week long where you can nab yourself some extra Candy to make it to that next special reward.

Come take a look at the Candy Road and let us know what you think!

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Winter Wonder Week is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best time of the year: Winter Wonder Week 2019!

This whole week you're invited to tons of special events and treated to all sorts of in-game goodies at GamePoint, so be sure to keep an eye on the chat so you don't miss a thing. What kind of special events? Golden Balls, Extra SuperBingos, Filled RoyalDice Jackpots, quizzes in chat and so much more!

The week-long fun kicks off in a special way with a Live Giveaway! GamePoint goes in front of live cameras and makes some lucky players very happy! Don't miss it today starting at 5PM ET and we'll be telling you all about what's waiting for you this week. Can't wait until tonight? Go to our Winter Wonder Week page for the full overview!

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Only 3 days to go

This year we're kicking off our amazing yearly Winter Wonder Week with a spectacular LIVE giveaway! During the show, you'll see some familiar faces from GamePoint LIVE in front of cameras as they announce the lucky winners.

The show takes place on Monday, December 9th at 5PM ET. And by the way, as of now there's only 3 days left until the fun kicks off!

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Winter Wonder Week is coming!

Just 5 days left for our biggest event of the year, Winter Wonder Week! Every year we showcase the best of GamePoint and pull out all the stops. More information about everything there is to look forward to will be coming soon! But be sure to mark your calendars, the most wonderful time of the year starts Monday, December 9th.

To make the wait more bearable, we made sure everyone got a gift waiting for them in-game! (limited to 2 per household)

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Happy Hours this week!

Come and enjoy extra special rounds in your favorite games at GamePoint as we treat you to Happy Hours between December 2nd-5th! Feeling lucky in GamePoint Bingo or waiting for that big win in RoyalDice? Then this is your chance!

Daily Happy Hours include:

  • Extra SuperBingos
  • Filled RoyalDice Jackpots
  • Free Bingo Cards

Does this sound like a treat to you? Then join us December 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th at 1-8PM ET. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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