Chat with your friends in CardParty!

Chat with your friends in CardParty!

We know how much you love to play with your friends, and how much you were missing them on the new version of CardParty!

That's why we've made sure that in the latest update you access to your friends' list on CardParty for mobile!

But there is more!
We updated the chat so it's much easier for you to chat with your friends while playing!

Play GamePoint CardParty!

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CrystalCraig1 -
KimB295 -
why is itso hard to get on here,never had trouble before?????????????
Bridgette29 - is my honest opinion and a little bit of history on how I found your website.

1. I had no heat for about 3 months during the winter.
2. My husband had just passed away...I was semi young 46..yes I worked but alone
3. However, I lived in California....we still do hunker down believe it or not.

My point? I love playing bingo on this site, but there is no support for what is going on in this world right now. Yes, you can play free and moan and go to the free room, etc. yes I have done it. But I guarantee there is no way this site runs on the free room. Man and woman up....get some donations going to help folks who are suffering. Otherwise...I am a gone girl..
ChloeB128 -
why is everything unavailable?
Pattycakes42 -
So, the site is shut down and no one can play, what about the VIP users that have paid there money?