Golden Ball!

Golden Ball!
It’s almost weekend, and you know what that means, it’s time to celebrate! How? We’ll we’re glad you asked.

This weekend we’ve made GamePoint Bingo even more fun than usual because we’re not hosting one but TWO events!

ALL weekend long we're making sure that you have a chance to see a special Golden Ball roll by during your round. The best part! If you catch a glimpse of the Golden Ball all participants in that round will receive a FREE Bingo Card! This means you get to play the next round on us. 

But that's not all on Saturday, April 4th, and Sunday, April 5th we're filling up the pots in your favourite rooms so that you have a chance to win EXTRA big prizes! Join us for Extra SuperBingos from 1-4PM ET 

See you there!

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Bridgette29 -
it would have been nice to #1: say you all are going to contribute some $$$ to our current situation,2: set up something for your bingo base that has $$$ to contribute to a fund, because yes, all of us want to get something for nothing like all the whiners give them a challenge.

Fund Raiser....too risky?? I don't know I will check back. Can't play right now...seems senseless.