Labor Day Giveaway!

Labor Day Giveaway!
Summer may be coming to an end, that's no reason not to have a last hurrah. So GamePoint throwing a Labor Day Giveaway, exclusively for the English-speaking community.

Want to win awesome prizes like Coins, a grill or a tablet? Then all you have to do is being online (any game, any room, they're all included) starting at 7PM ET on Monday, September 2nd. Be sure to tell all your friends so we can make this is biggest and best giveaway!

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misty123 -
BlackMagique -
5 pop ups every time we change rooms?whats up with that?i had to go play on mobile to make it stop.and i cant play the manual rooms on mobile too smalli pay to play so svips shouldnt have to deal with pop ups,please stop them during play or i have to play somewhere else,its bad enough ive lost 1000s of coins and sbs because of the freezing and disconnection.please fix
StacyAnn1973 - 3 September, 2019 1:33 AM
I was just notified by a popup and in the chat gallery that I won a Weber Grill! What is the process to recieve my prize?