How to fix flash?

How to fix flash?
How to fix flash?
Google recently released a new version of their Chrome browser. This new version actively blocks Adobe Flash, as a preparation for Google's upcoming discontinuation of Adobe Flash (2020). But don’t worry, GamePoint has your back.

OPTION 1 (highly recommended)
We developed an exclusive Add-On for Chrome to activate Flash automatically, meaning no more annoying “Activate Flash” messages. Check out the “GamePoint Flash Enabler” by following this link: CLICK ME! Simply click on “add” so that all your favorite GamePoint games will run without the pesky Flash pop-up.

Rather allow Flash manually? Then take these steps when you’re on the ‘Oops, Flash is blocked page’:

  • Click “activate once”
  • A little puzzle icon will appear in the top right corner of the browser that says “Plugin blocked”
  • Click that puzzle icon and “Manage” for a new tab that includes Flash Settings for Google Chrome
  • Locate the toggle next to “Block sites from running Flash” and click to turn it blue
  • Close the tab and click on “Activate once” again and allow Flash in the small pop-up window on your left upper corner of your screen
  • Afterwards the game should load, and you can start playing.

We also provided a short video tutorial to describe the above steps. For the video and more information, check out our special help page here:

We are also happy to help you via LiveChat on the ‘Oops Flash is blocked’ page if you require further assistance.

JoyceAllen9 - 1 Sierpień, 2019 12:54 PM
Thank you so much for adding that , I've had this happen to me. Oh no can't play Bingo, we can't have that. I prefer Option #1. Thank you again
LilDevils - 4 Sierpień, 2019 6:59 AM
Do you have one for Microsoft Edge? It does it to me one that one especialliy when I play through Facebook. Thanks
AidaGP -
At the moment we don't have an extension for Edge because their measures to block Flash are not as hard as Chrome's. I mean, Chrome really hid the option making you click through multiple places.

The hope is that we can get enough of our games off Flash before needing to consider more extensions.
LilDevils - 6 Sierpień, 2019 8:24 AM
Not to be mean they have been saying that since Aeronaut started there. Guess I'll have to either figure it out or change browsers. Thanks so much Aida. I do hope they get that done sooner then later. Hugs
AidaGP -
You're absolutely right! Though I will say it's a lengthy process rather than a switch being flipped.

While having to repeatedly activate flash on Edge is annoying, at least it's a single click. I mean, look at the hoops you need to jump to activate flash manually on Chrome Thus the browser extension there.

Our top priority is ensuring our games are around for a long long time. Don't you worry
Cutler1115 -
Are we ever going to be able to play bingo on Kindle Fire Tablet 10 HD
AidaGP -
Hi Cutler, didn't hear that it wasn't available. We do have kindle players who are on GamePoint Bingo, so that's surprising. Drop our Support Team a line so they can better look into it!
HopperFroggie -
this winter flash will be gone :( then what?
AidaGP -
Before then, the goal is to have all our games off Flash so no one will have to worry about that. :)