Time for a MEGA Giveaway!

Time for a MEGA Giveaway!
It's been a MEGA week with plenty of MEGA events. To go out with a bang, we're treating you to a MEGA Giveaway. On Sunday, July 28th starting at 1PM ET, just be online in any room or game for your chance to WIN during a THREE HOUR long giveaway! There's going to be mega prizes that you can win. Will you be there?

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PrinM1 -
no i won't be here,all your promotions and special rooms are geared to the rich because only they can afford to play there.ive played for 5 years and never won over 8000 coins.the riich became super rich and now will become mega super rich.i remember when there would be 100k players at any given time now the rooms are bare except the rich rooms,soon that's all you will be left with a handful of mega rich players who dont need to buy your coins.the rest of us are tired of supporting them.Good luck!
WillNotWin -
absolutely TRUE Gamepoint!!!!!!
jessiebennett1 - 28 July, 2019 12:10 PM
i would like to win please gamepoint
deesp -
If I don't buy coins I don't win anything! I have been playing since you were only on msn and have never won anything at these special events nothing at all!!!
NatashaSmith10 -
Hope I win too!